Why is Trademark Registration in Pakistan Important?

In Pakistan, registration and protection of trademarks is regulated under the Trademarks Ordinance, 2001 and it extends to whole of
Pakistan. When the trademark is registered by the registrar, you are the legal owner for the respective trademark.

Who can be the owner of the Trademark?

Any company, individual or the business can be the owner of the trademark.

Usage of Trademarks:

A symbol that identifies the brand owner of a particular product or a service provider is called trademark. It can be used by others under licensing agreements; for example, a toothbrush manufacturing company obtained a license to produce dental supplies. The unauthorized usage of trademarks by producing and trading counterfeit consumer goods is known as brand piracy. The owner of a trademark may take legal action against trademark infringement. Most countries require formal registration of a trademark as a precondition for pursuing this type of action.

Signs of the Trademarks

To indicate the trademark claim, companies designate the following symbols:

  • Using the trademark symbol after a logo or phrase alerts competitors that you have claimed this symbol or phrase as your own, but you don’t have to have even formally apply for it.
  • Only trademarks that have been officially granted by the Trademark office can use the symbol, which stands for registered trademark.
  • Companies that sell services, not products, have the option to use the service mark logo, but most use the ™ instead for simplicity.

Our Procedure of Trademark Registration In Pakistan:

Trademark procedure is cumbersome but, Naz Intellectual Services have all the solutions for your problems. We help you in each process to smooth out the registration process. After detailed examination, trademark is then advertised for two months. It is a period in which third parties are allowed to oppose registration. If it is not opposed, the trademark is then registered and is notified in writing. The trademark is then in entered in the Pakistani Official Journal of Trade Marks (POJTM) and one can also be able to find it listed in Pakistani Trade Mark Search.


The Process of trademark registration usually takes about eighteen months of time period which include the process of filing of application for registration and till you get your trademark registration certificate is issues