Construction Company Registration (PEC)

For starting any business related to engineering, PEC License is a basic requirement to get eligible for public works. Pakistan Engineering Council is Engineering qualification and Engineering works regulatory authority in Pakistan. Construction Company registration with PEC is mandatory to get construction works with the government. Starting a new business is a legal process having business oriented requirements. Construction Company registration with PEC in Pakistan may be easy or maybe an easy process. It depends on the desired category and specialization codes with PEC. There are 8 categories of constructors and operators respectively. Contractor categories are C6, C5, C4, C3 C2, C1, C-B & C-A. Whereas, PEC Operator categories start from O6, O5, O4, O3 O2, O1, O-B & O-A.

Why PEC registration is must for Construction Companies in Pakistan?

When we think of Pakistan Engineering Council registration, the first thing which comes to our minds is construction company registration. But, this is not always a possible case. PEC not only register Local Construction companies from Pakistan but also register foreign companies executing engineering works.

No, it is important to understand that why PEC license is mandatory e for executing public works? According to PEC, it is mandatory for government contractor working with government or semi government institutes to have valid PEC licence. Without having a valid PEC license with relevant codes, Contractors can not qualify any engineering work requiring PEC registration.

A new firm or company can be registered with Pakistan Engineering Council PEC as a constructor, consultant or operator. Before applying for PEC registration, these steps must be followed. However, Construction firm registration with PEC can be obtained directly from Category C6 to CA.